About Us

Nova Tree is owned and operated by Jim and Karen Verboom in the Glenholme, NS.  Established in 1983, collecting reforestation seed was the first order of business.  In 1986, Nova Tree started producing bark mulch and is the first company in Nova Scotia to screen and the first to grind bark mulch for the bulk markets in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.  Production of the very popular colored mulch began in 2007.  The Nova Tree Team services retail mulch customers in Truro and bulk wholesale customers from Yarmouth to Sydney in Nova Scotia and also ships to Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.

The sawmill was set up in 2003 and produces rough lumber up to 24’ long.  All commercial softwood species are produced to order.

The rounder plant which produces non-tapered,  dressed finish stakes and rails has been a complementary part of the business since 2000.  The equipment to make round wood products is one of only a few in Canada.

Accessories carried by the retail outlet include deer fencing, FastenMaster fasteners and industrial grade landscape fabric.