Landscaping Mulch

Natural aged bark mulch is composed of ground, screened, and partially composted tree bark, containing no additives.

While not inhibiting weed growth as much as other mulch options, aged bark mulch continues to compost after application, adding rich nutrients to your garden soil. It is a healthy choice for most gardens and plants, particularly those that thrive in neutral or alkaline soils.

Why use landscaping mulch?

Mulch helps your plants thrive. Mimicking the effects of a natural forest floor, mulch works year-round to insulate roots, inhibit weed growth, regulate soil moisture and temperature, and prevent nutrient-leaching, soil erosion, and soil compaction. By reducing the need for weeding, watering, and fertilizing, mulch gives you more time to enjoy your garden. Of course, mulch also looks beautiful, complementing the healthy green of foliage, offsetting the brighter hues of flowers, and giving your garden a finished, professional look.

Nova Tree offers pickup options, bulk-purchase delivery to NS, NB, & PEI, and residential delivery (maximum 5 yards³) to Bible Hill, Central North River, Debert, Greenfield, Harmony, Truro, Truro Heights, & Valley.

Contractor pricing is available.

Landscaping Mulch pricelist & calculator

 Natural Aged Bark MulchColoured Mulch (Black)Coloured Mulch (Red or Brown)Uncoloured Softwood ChipsMixed Softwood ChipsHemlock Chips
1.0 yard³, loaded$49.⁰⁰$56.⁰⁰$63.⁰⁰$47.⁰⁰$34.⁰⁰$38.⁰⁰
1.5 yards³ or ¼-ton truck, loaded$68.⁵⁰$79.⁰⁰$89.⁵⁰$65.⁵⁰$46.⁰⁰$52.⁰⁰
2.0 yards³ or ½-ton truck, loaded$88.⁰⁰$102.⁰⁰$116.⁰⁰$84.⁰⁰$58.⁰⁰$66.⁰⁰
over 2.0 yards³,
per yard³ *
* Loading, when not included, is $10.⁰⁰

HST NOT INCLUDED in above listed prices.