Landscaping Mulch


    Our natural dark brown mulch is fine grind, easy to shovel, made from spruce and fir bark, no additives, chemicals or preservatives, an all natural product.

    Our coloured mulch is composed of shredded softwood and coloured with naturally occurring elements found in the earth’ surface. The black mulch is coloured with a charcoal based colourant and in the red, iron oxide is used to make this brilliant mulch. Coloured mulch is safe to use around your plants, children and pets. The colour is long lasting, typically holding its colour for more than a year and is colourfast once it dries.

    Why use mulch?

    Mulch is the environment-friendly way to control weeds and keep your plants healthy.

    • Prevents weed growth
    • Slows moisture loss which means less watering
    • Moderates the soil temperature both summer and winter, protecting the root systems of the plants
    • Is the finishing touch to make your landscaping look great!

    Ships to: Nova Scotia, PEI and Southeast New Brunswick

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