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We have limited quantities of sawdust, and we sell on a first come, first served basis. Call for availability. We can load upon request and also arrange delivery.


Mixed softwood (hemlock, tamarack larch and spf)

Bedding Pricing

 SawdustShavings*Wood Fibre Animal Bedding
Per Cubic Yard (shovel by customer)$12.00*12.00$18.00
Loading (per load)$10.00N/A$10.00
Bags - Bag your own - per bag$1.50$1.50$2.00
Prebagged - we supply the bag$3.75N/A$4.50
Tote (1.5 cubic yards; 350-400lbs) prefilled and loaded on vehicle$53.00$35.00$60.50

Tote (hold 1.5 cubic yards)$15.00
Plastic bag, holds 2 cubic feet$0.60Non refundable bag
Credit for returned totes$13.00No tax is calculated if only returned tote; Tax is calculated if returned tote + another returned tote

Note: All prices are not including tax
*Wood Fibre Animal Bedding is made upon request