About Us

Nova Tree is established as a re-forestation seed collection company.
We begin production of landscaping mulch, becoming the first Nova Scotian company to grind and screen bark mulch for the NS and PEI bulk markets.
We expand our facilities to include a rounder plant, making Nova Tree one of only a few Canadian companies equipped to produce non-tapered, dressed posts & rails for fences and other landscaping structures.
We expand our facilities again to include a sawmill, allowing for production of rough lumber up to 24’ long (including custom lumber orders for all commercial softwood species) and of livestock bedding.
We begin production of our very popular coloured landscaping mulch.

Owned and operated by Jim and Karen Verboom, Nova Tree Company, Inc., produces lumber, landscaping mulch, post & rail fencing, and other wood products at our sawmill in Glenholme, Nova Scotia.

We service both wholesale and retail customers across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island.

With over 35 years of experience, we are one of Nova Scotia’s longest-running mid-sized wood production companies. Being mid-sized allows us to source our logs locally and offer customized dimensions, specifications, and species for a wide variety of orders.

In addition to our specialty products, we carry accessories such as industrial-grade landscape fabric and deer fencing as well as the largest selection of FastenMaster screws in Nova Scotia.