Equine & Livestock Products

Our sawdust supply is currently limited: please call ahead to ensure availability!

Shavings, Sawdust, and Wood Fibre animal bedding are available by bag (2-foot³), cubic yard, or tote (1.5-yard³). All bedding is made from all-natural softwoods, a mixture of SPF (spruce-pine-fir), eastern hemlock, and tamarack larch.

We offer delivery, pickup, and U-load options.

Animal Bedding pricelist

 ShavingsSawdustWood Fibre **
Bagged, U-load (per 2-foot³ bag)
+ $0.⁶⁰ per plastic bag *
Pre-bagged, pickup (per 2-foot³ bag)$3.⁷⁵$4.⁵⁰
Unpackaged, U-load (per yard³)$12.⁰⁰$18.⁰⁰
Unpackaged, pickup (per yard³)
+ $10.⁰⁰ loading fee per vehicle load
Pre-filled & vehicle-loaded tote, pickup (1.5 yards³)
+ $15.⁰⁰ per tote *
* Plastic bags are non-refundable. Each tote can be returned (empty and in reusable condition) for a $12.⁰⁰ credit.
** Wood Fibre Animal Bedding is made on request. Please contact us to initiate your order.