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Natural Playground

Natural Playground Elements:

  • Playground Chips: debarked, shredded, locally sourced hemlock, free of leaves and soil, no chemical, metal and paint.
  • Play Logs/Poles: hemlock or larch, debarked & sanded or natural custom length & diameters
  • Fasten Master Screws: full range screws for efficient installation.

Who is looking for natural playground elements:

  • Parks & Rec/Municipality
  • Schools
  • Child care centers
  • Your own back yard

Benefits of using all-Natural Playground:

  • Good for kids: Helps children develop physical features coordination, balance and confidence.
  • Good for parents: Interact with their kids, chance to educate.
  • Good for environment: Hub of life for creatures therefore preserving and stimulating the natural habitat surrounding the playground. Minimum of disruption to environment.