Post & Rail Fencing


Scarfed rail fencing is traditional for two reasons: its long-lasting design and its homestead aesthetic. By ‘scarfing’ each rail (beveling both ends), we create sturdy angle joints that connect rails through their shared posts.

Scarfed rail fencing features 5″-diameter posts and comes in 2-rail and 3-rail options.


Doweled rail fencing adds straight, substantial, modern lines to your landscaping. By doweling each rail, we ensure tight-fitting, durable joints between rails and posts.

Doweled rail fencing pairs 5″-diameter posts with hefty 4″-diameter rails and comes in 2-rail and 3-rail options.

Suburban Select

Suburban Select fencing is ideal for smaller properties, where it can define a boundary or corner and provide elegant landscaping accents for flowers and shrubs.

Like our Country Classic, this fence’s alternating, overlapping rail design is easily installed and readily adaptable to uneven ground.

Country Classic

Country Classic fencing (a heartier version of our Suburban Select) is perfect for mid-sized properties. Its larger posts and rails better emphasize property lines while still providing refined landscaping accents for flowers, shrubs, and even small trees.

Like our Suburban Select, this fence’s alternating, overlapping rail design is easily installed and readily adaptable to uneven ground.

Post & Plank

Post & Plank is the workhorse of fence design. Its squared posts and broad planks emphasize performance and purpose while enhancing your landscaping efforts with the natural beauty of wood grain. Post & Plank the best choice for keeping animals in or out, whether you’re enclosing your horse pasture or protecting your garden from nibbling deer.

The straightforward design of Post & Plank makes this fence easy to install and repair and ensures it will reach a well-seasoned colour within a year.

Why use wooden fencing?

Our wood fences use locally sourced, sustainable materials to offer privacy and security and to organically enhance the beauty of landscaping. Compared to other fencing materials, wood is more affordable, easier to install and repair, and more customizable in style, height, span length, and treatment or stain colour.

All of our fencing styles are available in natural SPF (spruce-pine-fir), pressure-treated SPF, or our naturally rot-resistant specialty species (eastern hemlock and tamarack larch).

For Deer Fence, see our Landscaping Structures. For Horse Jump Rails & Standards, see our Equine & Livestock Products.

Custom fencing

Every new fence should feel like a custom project.

Do you have a unique or purpose-built fence in mind? Contact us to discuss ideas and pricing.

Past custom projects have featured combos of our standard styles (such as Post & Scarfed) and innovative designs (such as Parkland, Rustic, and Palisade).